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Our Story

We are a very small family-run farm located in north Atlanta, specializing in rare poultry and hatching eggs.

I grew up right here in Atlanta, and for no particular reason at all, ever since I can remember, we have always called our little plot of land “the pasture.” As kids, we just couldn’t wait to get outside to play in the pasture, and to this day we still live here, itching to get out to play in the pasture. By many standards, this is pretty lame, but there is nowhere I would rather be.

We know you will love our chickens as much as we do. You will notice a difference right away. Our chickens are amazing, happy, healthy little maniacs. With plenty of space, sunshine, and fresh grass, they just can’t contain their excitement and you won’t be able to either. We offer just a few breeds selected for either their striking beauty or vibrant bold egg colors, and only source from the best stock. These are not hatchery birds. There is a difference.