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The Pet Protect Project started ten years ago to help with unwanted, abused, neglected small vegetarian animals, like guinea pigs, bunnies and chickens. This is an organic farm, where the animals are dearly loved and live as natural a life as possible. It is a vegan household of one handicapped widow and her loyal service dog Baklava, who was adopted from county shelter. The whole eco system of this micro farm is natural settings, home made love, and giving back to society, the environment and animals. Art plays a big part as does veganism and basic rights for all.

The honor system takes place in the Egg House on the alleyway. Just leave your free will donations in the little blue box on the fence. If you don’t have a donation, that is okay, please take some eggs and eat, don’t go hungry, and if you have a dog that is hungry, please take extra for him too.

Added: Little Dutch Cleanser Herb House (dry & fresh herbs, herbal cigarettes), Windmill Library (free books), Give N Take Free Food Pantry (vegan & vegetarian no perishable donations only please), Three Peas Fruit & Vegetable Stand (organic/seasonal). Bags of cat and dog food is on the top shelf of the egg house, home made masks too! Donations are appreciated but never mandatory. Motto: Donate-Don’t Donate, This is a Communally Stress Free Area.

The Pride & Joy House was built in 1886. The owner use to date Stevie Ray Vaughan back in the 70’s, and he wrote a song for her called, The Pride & Joy.

Please see the many Facebook pages to contact, explore and learn more about this busy lady.

The Pet Protect Project

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