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Our Story

The Walnut Hill Farm is a family run farm located in River Falls, Wisconsin. We raise chickens for eggs and grow seasonal produce using organic practices. Our goal is to produce much of what we eat in an organic and sustainable way. The environment is near and dear to us and making sure future generations can enjoy this planet as well is important to us!

A little about us! –┬áNeither of us grew up on a farm. Kyle and I lived in Eden Prairie, MN since before we were married in 2010. After a lot of dreaming, we decided to take the leap and find a hobby farm. We were in search of a life that was simple. A life that involved more outside space than in. A life that allowed us to have the space to raise animals, plant gardens and enjoy our family as well as be close to a community and the conveniences of life. We stumbled upon an adorable old farmhouse. It’s character pulled at our heart strings. The beautiful red buildings ached to be restored and the ancient oak tree at the center of the property yearned to tell us its story. We fell in love instantly and hope you join along on our journey as we restore our farm to its glory and venture into this thing called farming.

Happy days and see you on the farm!