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The Williams Family Farm is located near the Tennessee and Kentucky state line. As a farming and ranching family originally from Florida we find the cold weather and people here refreshing. Our family began farming in the United States nearly four hundred years ago. We are proud to be heritage farmers and entrepreneurial women. As Marjorie K. Rawlings said: “We were bred of the earth before we were bred of our mothers. Once born, we can live without mother or father, or any other kin, or any friend, or human love. We cannot live without the earth or apart from it, and something is shriveled in a man’s heart when he turns away from it and concerns himself only with the affairs of men.”

Our love for the land and passion for human agriculture has led us to concentrate on high quality food over high quantity food. Our chickens free range daily and eat only non-GMO foods, all of our fruits and vegetables are grow using hand only methods and natural fertilizers. Our sheep free feed on grass and when we process our wool for yarn we use hand carders and combs. It may be a more time consuming way of doing things, but the difference shows.