The Zen Hens

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Our Story

In April of 2020 we decided to have a go at raising chickens so we could have fresh eggs.  Soon 5 hens became 10 hens and if you understand “chicken math” you know what happened next.  We now have 23 laying hens – soon to be 29.

Our hens are enclosed in a large, secure outdoor yard and house.  We offer them a high quality feed as well as treats, fresh produce, fish and garden scraps.  They are frequently given freedom to forage in the yard and surrounding woods under our supervision due to fox, hawks and other predators in the area.

Eggs are hand gathered several times daily ensuring their safety and cleanliness.

Our “girls” all have names.  They are raised and treated with love and respect.  We can pet and pick them up, with the exception of a few who would prefer that not happen.

The name “Zen Hens” is a result of the 2020 pandemic.  With all the uncertainty and anxiety in the world at that time, I would find myself drawn to the chicken house to observe their little chick antics and personalities.  They began hopping up on my lap and settling in.  They let me pet them and hold them.  They trusted me.  It was meditative, contemplative and, well, Zen.

We hope you’ll visit us soon for fresh eggs!

Amanda, Carl & “the Girls”