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Our Story

Four years ago we bought an existing egg business that was selling out.  This was not only a new business venture but a rescue mission, as the birds were not in the greatest of conditions.  We rolled up our sleeves and pant legs, and immediately started working to improve conditions while planning their move to our home.  It took months of driving for hours, back and forth, every day to care for those hens and prepare their new home.  6 months later we were able to move the hens to their new homes and new life on pasture.

Our chickens and ducks are raised on pasture free to enjoy their lives.  We supplement their forage with a locally milled, GMO free, Corn and Soy free feed.  Our feed is milled fresh each week on order for ultimate nutrition.  Feeding fresh feed means that oxidation hasn’t had time to damage the nutritional content.

For your convenience, our eggs can be found at grocery stores all over Oregon.  This means that you can pick up our fresh eggs during your normal shopping trip, saving you time.

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