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Our names are Jamie and Joshua Boyd, and we own and operate a small farm located south of Cambridge, Ohio on State Route 660, where we raise chickens for eggs, as well as keep honeybees and garden. We have Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, Australorps, New Hampshires, Speckled Sussex, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Barred Rocks, and Golden Laced Wyandottes, as well as a couple of other misfits. Our chickens have an enclosed pasture of about 1/2 acre for their safety from predators, and are allowed to free range in the evenings when we are home. We do not practice wing or beak clipping, as it takes away the ability to forage effectively as well as the birds ability to get away or protect themselves from predators.

You can email us if you are interested in eggs, honey or anything else in the specials section and we will respond within 24 hours to let you know what we have available.

We look forward to serving our community and teaching others about producing food sustainably. Thank you for taking the time to read about us!!

Jamie and Josh Boyd

Thistle Meadow Farm & Apiary