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Our Story

At Thornfield Poultry, we specialize in Black Copper Marans chickens, Silver Appleyard ducks, and African Dewlap geese. Our focus is bird health and breed quality in a supportive and humane environment.

  • We are not a ‘factory’ or mass producer.  Our focus, instead, is on perpetuating the best qualities of these selective breeds in accordance with the Standards of Perfection.
  • Thornfield Poultry is NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Plan) certified; the North Carolina Department of Agriculture regularly tests our birds to ensure they are healthy and free of Avian Influenza and Pullorum/Fowl Typhoid diseases.
  • All of our adult birds free-range during the day through natural, unfenced pasture and shady hardwoods and evergreens. They have easy access to ample clean water and are closely watched by our livestock guardian dogs, Cooper, Emma, and our newest addition, Willow.

What started as a hobby over a decade ago has developed—through study, observation, research, and many, many trials and errors—into what is now Thornfield Poultry.  We are a family operation on a small farm we share with our feathered friends and four-legged companions, giving them plenty of attention and care.  Our birds live in three environments, each with plenty of fresh water, shade and large enclosed coops: 1) Unfenced pastureland and woodlands; 2) A large fenced fruit orchard, where the birds enjoy apples, peaches, pears, grapes, and plums (often before we do!); and 3) A substantial enclosed area that encompasses a spring-fed pond, more fruit trees, and plenty of shade trees.

At Thornfield Poultry, we raise and sell birds only of the quality that we would want to purchase. We value honesty, integrity, and fairness and try to realize these values in everything we do, especially with our customers.  If you choose to purchase from Thornfield Poultry, you become part of our extended family and we will do everything in our power to provide quality poultry at a reasonable price.  And as one family member tries to help another, we will try to provide help with: predator issues, containment, feed, watering, poultry resources, and anything else that pertains to our birds.  We believe it is important that we share our experiences and help each other.  Little in life is as fulfilling as raising your own chickens, going to the henhouse, gathering eggs, and sitting down to a meal provided by your own flock.

Please explore our website to learn more about these special, beautiful birds and enjoy their photographs. We sell: Marans day-old chicks and three to four-month-old pullets (young hens), Silver Appleyard ducklings, and African Dewlap goslings.  The chicks, ducklings, and goslings are available for pick-up or can be shipped; the pullets are  available for pick-up only.

Thank you for considering Thornfield Poultry, where buying quality is easy.