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We like to say we are homesteaders by choice and poultry farmers by accident.  About a year ago we were in our local feed store when our daughters’ begged us to buy them each a cute fuzzy ducking. We relented. We left that day with 3 ducks and a dozen baby chicks ( I begged for the chicks and my husband relented). About a week after that we saw a sign up the road that said “turkey poults and chicks for sale”, my husband stopped and we left with 4 turkey babies and 4 three week old chickens ( my husband begged and I relented!). As the summer went on our flock grew. We adopted 2 ducks, 5 hens and a rooster from my oldest daughter , who’s dog would not stop chasing them around her yard.  I received 12 baby Barred Rock chicks for my birthday from my husband , and 2 chicks from my mother in law, one of which turned out to be a rooster we now call “Birthday”.

We care about our birds and their health. We believe in Organic foods and Whole foods full of nutrition. Our birds are raised above and beyond the USDA standards for raising organic poultry. In the winter they are fed 100% organic feed, and the rest of the year they are free to forage for yummy bugs and worms to their hearts content on our 2 acre homestead. They are never given hormones or antibiotics. They drink plenty of fresh mineral rich spring water from the same well we get our tap water from. They are housed in a large barn full of fresh organic oat straw , with plenty of space to roost safely at night and clean nesting boxes to lay their eggs in.

We hope you will love our products as much as we do!

We Have Babies hatching in our incubator!!!!