Thurmond Family Farm,Black Buggy Produce

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Our Story

Our story begins with a Father an Son
Our main goal was to bring folks farm fresh eggs and produce at a reasonable price.
Weather your a single parent,elderly,disabled,or have a large family we want you to be Happy and Healthy an that can start with a good meal using farm fresh eggs an produce!
We grow most our produce an some comes from the Amish you can’t get any better than that! But at the end of the Day we base our work an goal off the teachings of Jesus Christ Our Lord, may you be blessed!
The Thurmond’s

What do we feed our Poultry?
We feed a GMO Free base feed.
Along with the bugs an grass they get while roaming….

Does all our produce come from our farm?
No, Most does the rest we get from a share crop we have with a Amish Family in Ethridge Tn…..

Do you allow people to visit your home/Farm
No we stay on top of Bio security to keep our Poultry and you healthy.