Tillow Acres Farm, ltd.

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Our Story

Tillow Acres Farm is a small market farm in rural, west central Ohio serving family, friends, and its surrounding communities with vegetables, fruits and berries, culinary herbs, artisan / GF breads / baked goods and pasture-raised, heritage eggs.

Our goal is to produce bold, flavorful, nutrient-dense farm-fresh food.  To do this, we believe soil matters. …A LOT.  We adhere to the motto, “Farm to ‘do-no-harm’.” We use natural, biodynamic farming methods and practices to restore and maintain soil with the greatest, robust soil life/activity possible.

Certified organic plant and pasture seed, plant and fruit stock, and animal feed are the mainstay at Tillow Acres. Though the farm is not presently certified organic, we work to transition to obtain this certification in the near future.