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Our Story

TLC Family Farm is a small locally owned and operated farm located near Bridgeport, WV.

As a Family of 5 with nutritional value in mind and with the scare of disrupted food supply in grocery stores we decided to raise happy healthy chickens to provide farm fresh healthy eggs for not only our family but for other families as well.

It has been a beautiful thing to see our kids out here helping us take care of and love on each one of our birds. All hard work we have put in keeping our birds happy, healthy and safe… help create better tasting, nutritious food that not only we can benefit from but now we can share with other families.

All of our eggs are from happy, healthy, well-fed and free-range chickens.

Our ladies are fed with a mixture of grain, fresh vegetables and herbs as well as fresh fruit, meal worms and allowed to free-range daily.

We are diligent in cleaning our chicken coop weekly. We sanitize our hands before handling the eggs that are packaged day of laying to insure maximum freshness.

All packaged eggs are refrigerated immediately and not pre washed.

*Fresh eggs have a coating that seal the shell pores which prevent bacteria from getting inside the shell and reduces the moisture loss from the egg – washing the egg removes this protective layer and reduces the time that the egg will remain fresh.

Our Farm Fresh Eggs come in a variety of sizes and colors unless specified.

Our Breeds are as follows:

Rhode Island Red – Brown Eggs

Isa Brown – Brown Eggs

Black Australorp – Brown Eggs

California White – White Eggs

Ameraucana – Blue Eggs

Easter Egger – Blue/Green Eggs

Silver Laced Wyandotte – Brown/Tan Eggs

Blue Plymouth Rock – Brown Eggs



1Dozen eggs    $3

Laying Pellets (1 year or less) will be available for purchase August 1, 2021     $30

Laying Hens (over 1 year) will be available for purchase August 1, 2022     $25


To Order: Please Call or Text (304) 677 – 5319

Purchase at our farm or We can deliver (Depending on location)


Our Efforts lead to healthy wholesome production which is passed on to our customer’s and friends.