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Toddling Twins Family Farm – Home of the Happiest Hens in Osage County …at least that is what our hens tells us!!

We, here at Toddling Twins Family Farm, are dedicated to feeding our neighbors high quality foods fresh from the farm.  Currently we sell eggs, meat birds, pre-sale turkeys, produce, honey and fresh baked sourdough bread.

What started as a desire to serve others has now become our life’s passion.

My husband, Tim, and I (Abigail) started this farm as a dedication to our “late in life” twins.  These two changed the course of lives and size of our family to a combined total of 7 children (5 adults and some with children of their own).  Life threw us another curveball when in 2021 Tim was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  Spring of 2022, as a business and as a family, we endured the devastation of losing Tim to the debilitating ravages of ALS.  This could have been the end of our farm, but Tim wanted this little farm to live on.  So, we march on and carry Tim’s love and legacy with us every day as we continue to work the farm and serve our neighbors and community.

We are members of the Farmer Veteran Coalition, and we are proud to soon begin displaying Homegrown by Heroes on our products.  We are proud to be a Heroes to Hives graduate and are continuing our beekeeping skills through the University of Nebraska’s Master Beekeeper program. Next year you will find the Homegrown by Heroes and Heroes to Hives labels on our products.

Our farm is dedicated to our 4 year old twins – hence the name Toddling Twins Family Farm.  We are dedicated to sustainable and regenerative methods of farming.  We spend a lot of time on education because it is important to us to be good stewards of our land. We use scientific principles and evidence to guide our decisions.  We work closely with Oklahoma State University- Agriculture Extension for education, training, soil testing and other aspects of farm management.  Our farm is registered with the USDA and is officially listed as an operating farm in Osage county, Oklahoma. We are dedicated to sustainable and regenerative farming methods and using as few inputs (herbicides, pesticides, over-tilling…) as possible.  We are currently working with the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) to plan our expansion.  We are looking at different ways to control rainwater runoff, prevent soil erosion and irrigation of crops all while impacting the land in the most beneficial and sustainable manner.  We are going green!  We are currently working on adding solar and wind power to generate our own electricity and reduce our dependence on “the grid.”

This year we have started a new project and making our farm more pollinator friendly.  The Oklahoma prairie is not always a sustainable place for honeybees.  Cattle grazing and haying operations do not allow for the natural wildflowers to flourish on the prairie. We are rehabbing our prairie land and seeding with native wildflowers, plants and trees that will benefit our honeybees, as well as return the prairie to it’s natural habitat, reduce erosion and soil loss.

We work with other Oklahoma based businesses to keep as much as possible – Local!  This allows other small businesses to flourish and keeps tax dollars local.  Our customers can feel confident we are dedicated to providing them with the best Oklahoma and local food can offer.

Who can say “Girl Power!?” Interestingly enough, our farm is a female dominant farm.  Me, the lead farmer and my girls…Hens and Bees.  I refer to my hens and bees as my girls.  We currently have over 170 laying hens.  Anyone want some eggs??  Our hens have a very nice coop with solar power for keeping them warm in winter and cool in the summer, but, believe it or not you will almost always find them outdoors in their pasture, regardless of the weather. They love to take mud/dirt baths and peck at the bugs in the grass.  We have hens of various breeds and our eggs are just about every possible egg color.  It is such a joy to open one of our egg cartons and see the wide assortment of colors.  We have one rooster, because, why not?  It wouldn’t be a farm without a rooster crowing!!

We have meat birds for sale.  Please visit the farm store online at or visit the Farm Hippie in Collinsville, OK to order or purchase your chicken.

We have Turkeys available for Thanksgiving this year.  Visit to pre-order your Thanksgiving bird!!

Our bees are busy ladies.  Our queens are constantly laying eggs to keep the colonies growing and the worker bees … well, they work … gathering pollen for the larva and gathering nectar to make honey.  The drones (male bees) hang around for the summer and when fall/winter comes around they are thrown out of the hives and the hives become 100% female for the winter.  To say that we have a bunch of hard-working women on this farm is an understatement.

We welcome visitors to our farm.  At this time, we do ask for persons to call ahead and make an appointment, simply because I may not be there, or I might be in my bee suit working with the bees and that just is not a good time for visitors.  We also have a biosecurity protocol we follow and that is to keep our visitors and our livestock safe.

Currently, we sell online at, “on farm,” Skiatook Farmers Market and at the Farm Hippie indoor Farmers Market in Collinsville, OK.  You can find more products at our webstore than at our retail locations due to shelf space constraints and not all products being able to sit on a table at a farmers market.

Thank you for supporting small agriculture business and eating local.