Tredway Farm and Gardens, LLC.

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Our Story

We are a small family owned and operated farm located in Plymouth, NY. Our focus is on practicing sustainable farming methods using Non-GMO feed for our pastured animals and OMRI approved fertilizers and pesticides on our vegetable. The health of our land is as important to us as the health of our animals and quality of our produce.

We strive for diversity at our farm raising and selling Boer and Boer-mix goats for meat as well as show. Chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys are raised and sold on a pre-order basis. Chicken eggs (brown), as well as, duck, geese and occasionally turkey eggs sell ungraded.

Heirloom vegetables and various brambles are also an integral part of our farm with offers of gourmet and hard to find varieties. Last year we began our pilot production of log grown shiitake mushrooms and small batches of other gourmet type mushrooms.