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Tuolumne River Honey offers delicious raw, natural, pure and unpasturized honey for sale. Our orange honey comes from the nectar of the orange trees grown in Sanger, CA. Our wildflower honey comes from the nectar of the wildflowers grown in Hughson and Oakdale, CA. The wildflowers include a mixture of yellow star thistle, vetch, sunflowers, alfalfa, dasies and various blooming weeds grown in the fields along the Stanislaus River 8 miles east of Oakdale. Local honey is said to help people suffering from seasonal allergies, but the honey must be raw, natural, pure and unpasturized. Come sample our delicious honey at 879 Geer Rd. Modesto. We are just south of the FruitYard between Yosemite Blvd and East Hatch Rd on the north side of the Tuolumne River opposite Jantzen Rd.