Turner Farm VA

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Our Story

After years of living in the suburbs of D.C. the Turners moved to Fluvanna County. Our little farm is home to our pet chickens and geese.

We have found our peace and quiet.

Are your chickens cooped or free ranged? Our chickens are free-range on large fenced in pasture. They enjoy eating bugs and worms from our garden.

What do you feed your chickens? Our chickens free range and eat a variety of things but are also supplemented with chicken feed and mealworms.  These are our pets so we like to spoil them.

Do you deliever eggs?  No, we don’t deliver eggs to folks homes but we will meet people while we are out and about doing errands.  We can meet at the Fluvanna library, Tractor Supply in Charlottesville and other convenient locations.