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Our Story

We are a homegrown Montana family who owns and operates our 4 acre Market Farm in the rich soils of Orchard Homes just on the fringe of Missoula.  Along with our three sons, we’ve been raising poultry for 7 years.  We believe in giving our chickens the best possible life which includes: free-range, no antibiotics, no chemicals, lots of dirt, bugs and fresh air!  We also offer locally made feed with fish meal (creating a higher Omega-3 content) as a supplement to their free-range.

Our farm is located conveniently 1.5 miles west of Reserve Street off of S. 3rd St. West.  Our egg customers enjoy the freedom of a Self-Serve egg pick up at our farm anytime they need eggs.  Plus, it is fun to stop by the farm to pick up eggs and see the chickens and all the other animals!  The experience of farm fresh eggs begins when our customers enter the farm!

Inside our barn, we have a small area set up with other items we have for sale.  These items change with the season.  Sometimes there will be fresh produce, homegrown/homemade garlic powder, homegrown sauerkraut, handmade Goat’s milk soaps and sometimes our own honey!