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Our Story

My husband and I own this quaint New England farm that has been in existence since 1718.  We welcome folks to pet our horses and goats, and check out our chickens and ducks.  Our poultry have a nice enclosed yard to play in, and secure coops for overnight.  We use Poulin grain as well as essential oils to keep everyone healthy as naturally as possible.

We have assorted breeds of chickens, including Buff Orpingtons, Ameraucanas, Marans, Cochins, Rhode Island Reds, Dominiques, Plymouth Rocks, Welsummers and Wyandottes, for a beautifully colored assortment of eggs (maroon, brown and green).

We offer both chicken and duck eggs, as well as manure for our customers’ gardens.  We also sell doTERRA essential oils and HempWorx CBD oil for your family, pets and livestock.

Once you become a customer, we offer an honor system 24/7 so you can come and pick up your eggs at your convenience!