Twin Oaks Farm

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Our Story

Twin Oaks Farm is a 14 acte mini farm/homestead nestled in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas. The farm was once part of a family-owned land parcel that was, at one time, thousands of acres in size. It was inhabited by good, hard-working folks who lived, worked, and gave their lives for the heritage that is unique to the Ozarks. There is a cemetery nearby that gives testanent to the hard way of life many of these early residents had. Some of them died very young.

Today, on our little piece of that once-expansive land, we have brought our own unique style to this hill. Our acreage is mostly wooded, steep and rocky. We grow a few select items in our greenhouse. We are not certified organic, but we use no pesticides or chemicals on our plants.

We also have a guest room that we have listed on Airbnb, and we provide our guests access to all that we have going here on the farm.

Right now, we are just getting started, but we have plans to expand our growing to include outside gardens so that we may grow more products. Currently, we have basil growing and will be making fresh basil pesto to sell.