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Our Story

We are a small local family ranch that is growing. We are located in the sunny city of Burleson, TX. We have lots of happy hens that are Pasture-Raised and produce delicious and nutritious eggs! Besides the chickens, we have sheep and cattle roaming about on the pastures.  We will have the vegetable garden running soon. In the fall time, we have our Pecan orchard flourishing and giving plenty of nuts which will be for sale.

If you would like to buy eggs, please give us a call to arrange for the pickup and to ensure availability. The hens lay less eggs in the winter time due to the cold and we would hate for you to make a trip in vain.

Our ranch is equipped to handle Horse Boarding and we enjoy interacting with those gorgeous animals. We have a training facility with an enclosed and open arena, round pen, and over 50 stalls. We welcome different equestrian disciplines.

This year, we are thinking of joining local Farmer’s Markets so stay tuned for those news. Thank you for visiting our page and we hope to see you in our ranch soon!

All pickups have to be by appointment at this time. Thank you