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Welcome to our Farm, I must start by telling you why we started farming. I was diagnosed with two blood disorders that made me deficient in vitamins and made it hard to eat correctly once they started me on meds. I also suffer from migraines and found out it was from food I had been eating so we needed to think of a way to help me get all the vitamins I needed to be healthy and food I could eat that didn’t produce a migraine.

We started farming in 2003 slowly by starting with chickens. We were so happy with the results of fresh chickens eggs we spread our wings and added more chickens and then turkeys. The turkey eggs were the best for baking, they changed the way cakes, cookies and other yummy deserts tasted. This is a must to try if you never have, delicious!

Well since we found the eggs were doing wonders on my blood work results yearly we started raising dairy goats for the use of non pasteurized milk for consuming and making items such as cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, sherbet and cottage cheese. Oh my is it good! We raise Nigerian dwarfs so the taste is not goatee at all, it truly taste like cow milk but a little sweeter really. Since the goats were helping with my consumption of dairy products we decided to venture out again and start raising rabbit.

Oh my raising rabbit was a unique learning experience. We raise them to eat personally and oh my I had no idea it was going to taste so wonderful. For those of you that have had wild rabbit and turned your nose up to it as I did, you will be amazed how farm raised meat rabbit tastes. It doesn’t taste like chicken from the grocery store for sure as we all have heard!! Rabbit will improve the taste of all your meals you make with chicken. Next on the list to try was turkey.

Double Breasted Browns are amazing, beautiful, friendly and grow fast. We only raised 3 this year to try and from the looks of it we will be raising more for sure. The tom is already at 40lbs at 18 weeks and the hens are at about 28lbs. They are on the holiday menu coming this fall and winter in 2014.

Next year we will be raising meat chickens and will have to let you know at a later date how those turn out, as well as aquaponics to grow fruit and vegetables.

My health has improved dramatically raising our own food. The Doctors are amazed how my health has turned around and my life expectancy is not so bleak anymore. We, with full heart cant express how farming can help your health in a positive way. Our farm doesn’t raise beef or pig so we had to find other ways to get organic grass fed beef and non braised or smoked organic pig. Our farm also makes lotions, bath scrubs, bath salts, suave, chap stick and home made laundry soap. Still have to figure out hand soap, shampoo and conditioner and we will have to go to the grocery store for only toilet paper. LOL.

Still so much to learn living the farm life but enjoying every minute of it!