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Our Story

We started with just backyard chickens in 2011.  We bought 12 rhode island red hens and my husband (Chad) built a hen house.  Raised the chicks in our garden tub the first 6 weeks.   When we started getting our first eggs I was hooked!   We had a rough year with the first set.  We lost all but one by the end of the first year to a fox.  Letting your hens free range is hard.  We replaced with 6 rhode island reds and 3 americaunas.  At the end of that year we had 3 left, Big mama from our 1st set and Little Red and Blondie from our 2nd set.  What to do?  By accident I found a soultion to allowing our hens to free range.   I saved 6 unknow type of chics from TSC on the thrid year.  They turned out to be a mix of Silkie and unknown.  3 of them where hens and 3 turned out to be Rosters.  The little one with a bum foot that I fell in love with was one of the Roo’s.  AKA Pretty boy.   I let two roos and one hen go from that batch and keep PrettyBoy and 2 hens.  He was my answer to allowiing my girls to free range, he keep watch over the sky and the edge of our property, giving plenty of warning to the girls to hide.  I haven’t lost one since.   Now we have added more Roo’s and different girls and our ready to sell our eggs and baby Chicks .

Hi every one we are up and running with a smaller flock this year.  We still have eggs for sale, but we do have limted numbers.  Local sales only, pick up is on Saturdays, unless other arrangements are made.  Please text or email to order.  Thank You