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Upright Ranch is the off-grid homestead of John and Marilyn Pitzer, located in the high desert Shasta Valley in Northern California. Our eggs, and produce are grown without the use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers. Our hens eat only organic soy-free layer pellets, organic seeds and nuts, fruit and vegetables from our gardens, weeds, and bugs (of course). The hens are outdoors all day long, with plenty of room to run and fly, and they sleep in a secure hen house at night. We do not have roosters, so our eggs are not fertilized. This is important to some of our customers. Upright Ranch is registered with the state of California as Shell Egg Food Safety Compliant Handler #3412.

Upright Ranch also sells fruit, vegetables and herbs in season. Early spring is blessed by rhubarb, greens, leaf-lettuce, and asparagus, followed by peas and cherries when we have a year without late spring freezes. In June we set out the annual vegetable starts and direct-plant beans. Tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, and herbs are generally ready to harvest starting in late-July. Beets, fall greens, apples, pears and dried beans are usually ready to harvest in September.

Our herbal products focus on plants which have been cultivated at Upright Ranch or wild-harvested locally. Products include solar-infused oils, extracts, powders, creams, balms, salves and teas. We carefully and prayerfully handle the process of making these products for the benefit of our neighbors and customers.

We also sell jams, pickles, breads, and pies featuring produce from our gardens. These items are definitely seasonal!

And…we sell hand-crafted items made by local artists, including bowls carved from local trees, baskets, jewelry, and aprons.

We would enjoy meeting you. Please feel free to call or email us for more information at:

John and Marilyn Pitzer