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Our Story

In 2018 our family moved from Wisconsin to Washington.

We found the most perfect 1900’s hobby farm filled with garden and fruit trees and put an offer in without visiting in person. We knew it was the one! Luckily, the seller appreciated our hand written letter and understood how important this property was to us, not only were us and the kids moving, but also my parents. The second home on was only 17 steps from ours! This was our new forever home.

On one very cold night, there was a smack on our door. So much so it startled me enough to crawl up and peek out, only to find a lone, and very chilly chicken on my back step. INCREDIBLE… I had always wanted chickens! Being the animal lover I am, i tried to catch her. I failed, only to find a rooster and 3 hens in my yard again the next day. After lots of wrangling, we caught them, gave them a home and still have 2 with us to this day. From the 4, we grew to about 35 chickens, a guinea hen, 2 goats, a pig, 3 dogs, and numerous cats.

We joke that the animals just come here. We have had multiple chickens appear in our yard over the years as well as a  litters of kittens in our yard. We have special needs animals we have adopted and some ex battery hens come to live their final years on our farm, finally free to move outside of a tiny cage.

All of our animals are loved, cared for meticulously and given a high quality diet between fermented food, non gmo/corn and soy free food, fresh fruits and veggies and lots of free range time with the kids. Our eagle population I appreciate but our hawks are terrible,  so our chickens have two large walk in coops, and about 1500 sq feet of covered space to roam when not loose on the 2 acres.

We hope you will appreciate the love and devotion we put into our family farm and love to share what comes from here, to your table soon.