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Our Story

Vision Hill Farm is part of Vision Hill Gallery and Gardens which is an outdoor sculpture garden with art “created in steel” by award winning artist, Wayne L. Krause – . With a love for wildlife, and in particular birds, we tried to resuce a duck from a very challengeing experience… His impending fate was to be displayed “nicely roasted” on the dinner table!  Soon after, we had a family of ducks roaming the property… and then there were more.  When folks realized we might rescue a lost or challenged duck or chicken, we were introduced to Chuckles the Chicken who had been traumatized by a ferocious raccoon.  We prepared the perfect place for her, where she could live in peace. Early on, we realzed she needed a friend and that was when it happened.  One chicken friend turned into another friend and then another… until our small flock turned into one big happy chicken family.  Now these happy free-range (almost/not quite 100% organic…) chickens produce healthy, fresh eggs for our visitors.  Will you come for a visit?

Visit on an Open House/Farm Day…  Please call first so we will be here to greet you!