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Our Story

Vitality Apothecary Farm was started in 2021 on a 37 acre stretch of land. We started with 12 chickens, 2 roosters and 10 hens, and have grown to over 100 chickens and turkeys of all different breeds and varieties.

Currently, poultry is our main focus, but we have began to incorporate meat goats and honeybees to our farm. We can’t forget our livestock guardian dogs, barn cats and rabbits who keep us company on the farm.

We have many different chicken breeds, which allow us to offer many different colors of eggs – from white to brown and blue to green, including the popular dark brown copper eggs. Our chickens and turkeys are hand-tended, cage-free, and happy. They have large coops with large protected areas to roam and they also get regular ranging time outside of their large run in an extended, moveable run.

We have grown enough to start offering for eggs, available for sale now. The eggs are $3.50 per dozen and are mixed colors and sizes (mostly large and extra large). If you are looking for specific colors, we can see if we can accommodate. We may also be able to deliver to nearby customers.

We are working to provide additional items and services in 2023:

Chicken processing

Chicken and turkey hatching eggs (several pure-bred species and mix species)

Fresh chicken and turkey meat, grown here

Honey and bee products

Goat meat


We are local and small, but are working hard to provide quality products at reasonable prices. We hope to hear from you!