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Our Story

Wagon Wheel Farm manages 163 acres of farmland in Goshen, NY, helping to preserve the bucolic rural character at the heart of Orange County. Directly from our fields, we are growers of Fresh Market Produce, Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds, Corn, Vegetables, Sunflowers, Hay, Straw, and Cage-free Eggs.

Wagon Wheel Farm is locally known as the Kozareski Farm.  Chester and Victoria Kozareski operated the property as Dairy Farm until about 1970 when health codes changed and milk had to be transported by pipeline and tanker truck rather than in milk cans.  Following this, the farm was leased as a horse boarding property, then remained idle for several years.

In 2015, Jason and Kristin Touw founded Wagon Wheel Farm and have vested a new foundation for the farm focusing on sustainably grown vegetables, hay, straw, corn and eggs.  Jason has a family history in dairy farming and Kristin attended Miner Agricultural Institute at SUNY Plattsburgh. Both Jason and Kristin have Environmental Science degrees.

Joan Kozareski is the granddaughter of Chester and Victoria Kozareski, and continues to retain ownership of the farm today.  Wagon Wheel Farm is a model of how landowners and farm tenant operators can work together to accomplish shared goals.

Partners in Environmental Sustainability

Without the Earth, we are nothing.  This is our fundamental approach with everything we do at Wagon Wheel Farm.  The farm needs air, soil, water, insects and nutrients. That’s because the farm is alive.  Every new element we plan for the farm business has some aspect of Sustainability incorporated in it, so if you want to be more connected to the Earth, come with us. Wagon Wheel Farm is a USDA-NRCS Transitional Organic Farm.  This means we are experimenting with new Organic Practices and expanding those that work well while searching for alternatives when they do not work economically or environmentally.

It is through careful planning and consulting that Wagon Wheel Farm is what it is yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We have many partners to thank along the way for their contributions, both professionally and financially, for without them we would not be in as good a place today as we are.


Learn more on our website: wagonwheelfarmny.com