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Walker Farms – Enigma, Ga.

On an old dirt road in the small farming community of Berrien County, there is a farm. On this farm lives me, the Lady of the Farm, my husband The Farmer, all of our animals and his family. On our corner of the farm, you can find groups of chickens flocking together and exploring the yard looking for bugs, crickets, and anything edible. They love to explore the fields, the yard, and their fig tree. Yes, THEIR fig tree. My chickensĀ love to eat figs while they’re roosting at night.

We have such happy hens that we pick up almost a dozen eggs every day. Our chickensĀ range in breeds from the Rhode Island Red all the way to Silkies and Svart Honas! We have a little bit of everything!

Be sure to check out our Roadside Fruit Stands in Tifton, Ga. We sell seasonal produce, honeycombs, honey and much more!