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Our Story

TL;DR: We have chickens, they’re adorable, lost some, got more, and we sell eggs.

We picked up six Red Sexlinks from TSC in Spring of 2014 and fell in love with the quarks and kookiness of our hens in the big city.

What followed was a year of learning and yearning and sadness.

After the loss of most of our flock in early 2015 from a dog attack (our own failure at keeping the coop well protected against a 90 lb dog,) we decided to keep on trucking along and acquire more pretty ladies of different varieties to spice of our lives and productions.

Our patron saint will always be Scarlet O’Henna, but our current mascot is Sebastian Bawk the Rooster.


Do you deliver?

No charge within 10 miles, extended delivery @ .50/mile


A carton of different colored eggs, availability/frequency pending

Availability or Frequency?

We won’t know the availability and frequency of our eggs until probably mid-August 2015

Update: 08/06/2015: We now have 3 regular layers and two semi regulars, almost back to normal! Our expected return date is now towards the end of August for full production. We also discovered our Ameraucanas are indeed roosters.

Update: 05/01/2015: The Red Hens will be on vacation from July 8th to July 23rd (The human children have a dance competition at Disneyworld) – during this downtime everyone will be well taken care of rest assured!

Update: 03/08/2015: Ruby and Rosabella, the two original Redhens laid their first eggs of 2015!

Update: 02/28/2015: We acquired 4 Gold Sexlinks, 1 Welsummer and 1 Redstar from TSC on 2/27, born 2/22.

We then searched for a local breeder and acquired 2 Ameraucanas and a Laced Polish rooster on the morning of 2/28/15. The Ameraucanas are about 6 weeks old, the Roo is about 1 year old.

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Twitter: @red_hens

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Instagram: @red_hens

Update: 01/09/2015: Suffered the Loss of 4 hens. RIP: Scarlet O’Henna, Blondie, Maryese, Poopie Butt – March 2014 – January 9th, 2015