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WB Farms is a small operation offering organic, free range eggs to the local community. Our target market is our local grocery store customers. All eggs are sold at Peppers Supermarket. We keep several heritage breeds of chickens – Delaware, New Hampshire, and Bielfelder. All of our hens are bred and hatched on site, which gives us control of our breeding stock and assures sustainability in our laying hens. Chicks and hens are not given antibiotics or hormones. Chicken illness and ailments are treated with garlic, oregano oil, lactic acid bacteria and diatomaceous earth. We strive to always use natural remedies in treating wounds and other ailments. Hens are fed an organic diet high in protein, supplemented by wheat, oat or barley fodder grown in our subterranean greenhouse. Birds are also supplemented with other organic greens and weeds grown in our greenhouse and garden. Our hens are allowed to free range in a large outdoor area which allows them to forage for bugs and other proteins. We do not use artificial lighting during the winter to keep egg production up. Our birds are allowed a natural rest. We are proud to offer our community a quality product that is produced in a humane manner.