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We are a small, old fashioned farm specializing in heritage breed chickens and ducks located in the heart of southern Indiana’s Amish country. We practice organic farming and raising of our livestock. Our livestock are not only a source of our income, but are our friends! We offer heritage breed chicken and duck eggs, seasonal produce and pygmy goat stud service. We are a member of the Livestock Conservancy and Indiana Grown.

We have a family farm on which we keep and raise heritage breed chicken and ducks. We are members of the Livestock Conservancy and Indiana Grown. We free-range all our flocks, and supplement their forage with organic feed from Wisegrains.com. We have never fed our flocks medicated feed and in four years of operation have never had to treat any sickness with antibiotics. ( the only time we had an illness, a few of our girls developed sour crop that Apple cider vinegar and yogurt cured). My family and I try to practice self sufficiency and organic living as much as we possibly can, and that lifestyle spills over to our farming practices as well.

We raised 5 Heritage Breed geese and 5 heritage Breed turkeys last spring. Hoping to offer seasonal goose and turkey fertilized eggs in the future.

Egg shed is back open and running on the honor system. Eggs are stocked on a daily basis. We are currently out of duck eggs. Something has taken all but one of our laying hens. Sorry for any inconvenience.

As always, returned egg cartons are so greatly appreciated. It really helps to keep costs down. The egg carton box is located inside the shed on the right hand side.

Thanks for your continued support and patronage!

Thanks for your interest! Welsh Whim Farm LLC.