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Our Story

Whitton-Brook Farms Ltd. was established in 2017 by Mitchell and Brooke Whitton, a young couple passionate about farming and raising livestock with love and respect. We are a family owned and operated farm in Markdale, Ontario that specialize in Registered Black Angus cattle and pasture raised chicken. We acknowledge the importance of knowing where your food comes from and that is our mission, to share the story behind it.

We understand that a quality product starts from the beginning. From our farm to your plate, we take pride in raising our animals. We share our story behind raising it, so you as a consumer can know and trust that it was raised right. We value integrity and transparency when raising animals.

We are proud, licensed producers under the Artisanal Chicken Program which is apart of Chicken Farmers of Ontario.

This program allows us to raise chickens on a small-scale, non-quota holding farming operation. We are licensed to grow anywhere from 600-3000 chickens annually. We follow the code of ‘Free Range On-Farm Food Safety Assurance Program’ and the ‘Animal Care Program’. Annual on-farm audits are completed by CFO to ensure we are meeting all standards.

You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook @whittonbrookfarms for daily posts and stories about life on the farm.