Widnor Farms

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Our Story

Widnor Farms is a first generation family farm focused on regenerative agriculture in our corner of the PNW. We raise heritage breed pork, black angus cattle, Red Ranger meat birds and Icelandic sheep, providing the best meats for your family. Everything on our farm is TrulyPastured.

Our animals spend their lives grazing fresh grass in the sunshine of Whatcom County, Washington. We pride ourselves on the animals we raise and the transparency at which we do so. From our egg layers to our meat producing chickens, they all enjoy daily fresh pastures where they forage for grasses, seeds and bugs. These animals are all grown with the utmost care, attention to detail and love (whether they like it or not) from our 3 children. Our constant focus is for your meat to be flavorful while maintaining humane and stress free operations.

The family behind the farm…

Written by the farmers wife: Brianna.

We met in high school and became fast friends. While Ryan got a job straight out of high school in the refineries here in the area, I went off to college and to Wyoming in the summers as a Ranch Hand and Wrangler for a working ranch in Cody. Reuniting in 2007, we were married the next year and moved to Whatcom County shortly after.

Fast forward 8 years of laughter and 2 children later, we sold our small home after years of planning, saving and dreaming. We stumbled upon an old homestead and began our adventure of raising our children and our food here. Starting first with chickens, later adding beef cattle, heritage breed pigs, Icelandic sheep, and our very special a family milk cow, Patty Cake. Ryan made my ultimate dream come true when he bought me a pair of milk goats for mothers day in 2019.

Today our family of 5 spends every extra minute working to raise quality animals on the pastures of our old world, traditional farm.

The name: Widnor Farms

Ryan’s grandparents were Roy Widen and Esther Nordine. The home Ryan has the fondest memories of sat on Widnor (Wid-Nor) Drive. When the time came to officially name our farm, he instantly thought of Widnor. Both of us grew up with a strong foundation by our grandparents, who happened to have been life long friends. In fact, our great-grandparents are from the same small area of Sweden. It seemed fitting to give the farm the name Ryan held so close.

Our Philosophy

I have spent the last 5 years growing a business teaching others about health, wellness & nutrition. Being in that line of work, I realized just how much misinformation there was out there but also how opaque farming practices can be. We set out to begin our own farm, to know what was exactly in our food on our families plates. In an effort to bridge the gap between farm & consumer, our farm strives to be 100% transparent with our customers and offer them a close up and in person account of our methods here. We raise our animals using organically minded principles and place an emphasis on on animals being truly pasture raised on our grasses in the Pacific Northwest.