Wild Haven Farm

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Our Story

Wild Haven Farm is a small, women-owned regenerative farm in Sunrise Township, MN. We raise only heritage breeds of goat and poultry to bring you healthy, nutrient-dense meat and eggs with flavor profiles you can’t find in factory-raised food. Our produce is wild harvested or planted, grown, and harvested on the farm by hand.

We are in the process of attaining our Organic and Certified Humane certifications and have been farming to these standards since we started in 2021. We use regenerative practices such as rotational grazing to assure our goats and poultry get the best nutrition possible and the land grows stronger each year. Since 2021 we have planted over 500 trees on the property!

For 2023 our breeds include:

  • Fainting (Myotonic) Goats including Miniature Silkies (available as meat, breeding stock, or pets)
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goats (available as meat, breeding stock, or pets)
  • Columbian Wyandotte Chickens (eggs)
  • Barred (Plymouth) Rock Chickens (eggs)
  • Buckeye Chickens (eggs)
  • Dark Cornish Chickens (broilers)

Farm tours, camping, and workshops are available. Check out our website or contact us for details!