Williams Angus Beef

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Our Story

Where we came from…

Farming for our family started many decades ago with our great grandfather Ewen Eastering in the 30’s. He farmed cattle and had a strong love for horses and mules. He passed his love for farming down to our father, Jeff Williams, who passed it down to my sister and me. Today, the three of us- Jeff Williams (our dad), Maggie Davidson (my sister) and I are Williams Angus Beef.



Where we are now…

We pride ourselves in the humane treatment of our animals allowing them to roam on pasture for their entire lives and being processed at a humane processing facility. After becoming parents, my sister and I started questioning the long-term effects of consuming meat that had been given growth hormones and antibiotics. For this reason, our beef is guaranteed all-natural no hormones, no antibiotics ever. The feedback from our customers has been incredible.


We pride ourselves not only in our product but in the relationships that we build through this business. We encourage farm visits. We believe that it is very important for consumers to know where their foods are coming from and the practices that are being utilized on those farms. It is common for people to bring their kids over to the farm, ride the horse and drive around through the cattle. We are looking for long term relationships and friendships with our customers.


Where we are going…

Our immediate goal is to be able to sell 100% of our beef local. It is a lofty goal being that we have several hundred cattle, but we believe in our product. We want to be 100% in control of our animals from beginning to end to ensure quality of life and we cannot do that until we are able to sell our product 100% local. We also believe that once people try quality, local beef that they will continue to purchase it. We currently sell to restaurants, catering companies, a small grocery store and to many individuals across Northwest Arkansas.