Willow Bend

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Our Story

Zach and I were home searching when the listing for this old farm house popped up and it happened to have a open house that we could attend. We went over to check out the home and immediately feel in love with the property. The driveways entrance is welcomed by two willow trees on either side and the home sits at the end of a long driveway surrounded on all side by a farmers field, which was full of corn stocks at the time. As we walked through the home we could see beautiful views out of every broken window of the fields around us and the vacant silos off in the distance. After we walked around the property we both looked at each other, took in a deep breath, and locked eyes. We knew that this space was meant to be ours, but we knew it was going to be a lot of work to breath some life back into this place. We could see the beauty that it must of had in its prime and we could see the potential for its future.

We quickly got to work on the home and once it was made livable we moved in. I have always loved caring for animals and Zach knew I wanted chickens. I came home from work one day to our foyer becoming a temporary brooding station and 100 little chicks to care for. We built a coop in the back of our property to allow them to roost safely at night and during the day they are running around our property eat bugs, vegetation, feed, and what ever table scraps we have left for them. They have a good life.

We have had great success with our eggs. Our eggs have been sold to local markets, to friends, to family, to colleagues, and the rest has been donated to our local food bank. We have hopes of making a drive through system at our home to make our eggs more accessible to our local community, but for now please reach out and give our eggs a try. Our eggs are laid the same Day/week they are sold and/or donated to ensure peak freshness to all customers. They will last up to 3 months in your refrigerator. Let us stock you up for less than the grocery store.