Willow’s Creek, LLC

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Our Story

Willow’s Creek, LLC was established on 7-7-2017.  It is a beautiful 20 acre farm in Shacklefords, VA where  we raise horses, free range NON-GMO chickens, and grow our own organic fruits and vegetables that will be available to the neiboring community.

We have 39 free range NON-GMO chickens, (30 hens and 9 roosters) and 20 Guinea Fowl that roam the farm.  They are happy birds producing approximatly 2.5 to 3 dozen eggs a day varying in color.  (brown, white, blue, pink, green, white)  Many of the eggs have double yolks and are delicious!  We sell the eggs to local families and to local markets.

Willow is our 12 month old Merle Great Dane with champion bloodlines.  She will be bread at 18 months and puppies will be available in November of 2018!

In November, we entered into the Mill Swamp Indian Horse offsite breeding program and brought Swimmer and MatchCoor to the farm.  Swimmer is a Corola mare who is pregnant and due the end of July.  MatchCoor is 100% Banker 7 month old who will be used as a stud when he matures to preserve this breed of endangered  horses.  The are a pleasure to have on the farm!

Eggs for sale daily!   Beautiful colors and many have double yolks!