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Fresh Chicken and Duck Eggs (non-gmo, no corn), Bunnies, Fertile Hatching Eggs, day old chicks and ducklings, Organic Rabbit Manure Fertilizer, Compost, and Organic. Local delivery and free shipping available.

All our products are made right here on our farm. They are hand made by us or made by our wonderful animals. We guarantee the quality of all products from bunnies to fertilizer. Our chickens and ducks are fed only non-gmo, no corn, organic feed and whatever they forage themselves.

Our rabbits live in safe enclosures on the ground. This allows them to dig, run, play, and nap (they do a lot of that!) with plenty of room. Our packaging is recyclable. We care about the impact we have on the environment and next business day shipping or pick-up on all orders is complimentary!

With dreams of owning a farm, we found ourselves stuck renting a house with little land and a long time to wait to realize our dream. Then we thought, why wait? My grandfather owned a cattle and variety crop farm when I was growing up and I absolutely loved the animals and the serenity that came from working hard. I remember he often struggled to sell his cattle as he cared for them so deeply. This may not have made him the most profitable farmer, but I do think it made him a good one. I recall he refused to sell one particular cow and I watched as this beautiful black angus cow grew grey from old age while she grazed about happily on my grandfather’s land. When he died, his animals were sold, and his crops maintained by someone else.

This small farm is our first step to resurrecting the kindness and humanity my grandfather brought to his work. He is the name sake of our small farm, Wimberly Farm.

We pride ourselves on treating our animals with kindness and love and hope that brings a little something extra to the products they help us make. Our chickens and ducks free roam within our safe fencing and eat organic, natural pellet along with whatever they hunt down during the day. Unlike most rabbit breeders, our rabbits never walk on wire cages or drink from bottles. We breed rabbits and once we began selling we also found people asking if we took in rabbits. So, we became somewhat of an unofficial rabbit sanctuary too.

We hope these products bring as much joy to you and the earth as our animals bring to us.