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Our Story

After having a small farm in Nebraska for  seven years, we moved to Michigan to be close to John’s sons and the grandkids. We found a small piece of ground in Sheridan Township outside of Remus, Michigan. We started to raise a market garden, but our main focus is on poultry.

This year we started with all new birds. We have six dual/purpose heritage breeds of chickens; Barred Rock, White Rock, Rhode Island Red,  New Hampshire Red, Australorp, and Delaware. These are our current layers and will be the parent stock for the future layers making our flock sustainable. With the breeds we have we can produce several excellent laying hybrids such as red sex links, production reds, black sex links, Indian Rivers and more. In addition to producing our own layers we will sell baby chicks and started pullets. Hopefully by mid-July 2019 we will have a laying flock of 200 birds on pasture in movable coops. Males hatched will be raised as slow growth meat chickens.

We started a small CSA in 2019.  We  offer a variety of produce and eggs on a weekly basis. The egg part of the CSA can be year-round. We may also have some vegetables available year-round.