Winsted Acres

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Our Story

The pandemic brought many changes and a need for a little excitement.  So, we got 5 chicks.

Eventually, the chicks grew into beautiful hens. After waiting for months, they FINALLY laid eggs. More than we could possibly consume. And so, Winsted Acres was born.

This has given my boys the opportunity to learn about farming, marketing and selling, and cost management, now that we have eggs to sell. We are also donating eggs to the local fire station once a week, which teaches the importance of community to my kids.


We also have rosemary sprig clippings, if interested.

Cookie, Lucy-Kelper, Esme, Clementine and Lucia roam the yard during the day and bring us joy as we watch them wander and investigate. We love them very much and are happy to have them and share the good they bring us.