Wóyute Wašté Akhíptaŋ

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Wóyute Wašté Akhíptaŋ

The Good Food Cooperative

Each generation is tasked with the stewardship of looking seven generations into the future and making decisions with them in mind. “Healthy People Making Good Decisions” has to be the rule rather than the exception – the next seven generations are counting on it. In our traditional Lakota culture, ceremonies were performed to introduce or teach traditional knowledge and why it is necessary for keeping body and spirit together for the survival of the people. 

Developing skills and tools and more confidence to empower our tribal people to heal themselves, feed themselves and increase their prosperity will prompt a revitalized effort to grow our own food and in effect; grow a self-sufficient, confident and empowered generation of leaders that take care of their Oyate while strengthening their own health and happiness.

Conservation and tradition come together. Wóyute Wašté Akhíptaŋ is a cooperative initiative that will utilize practices that improve our ability to grow food in a way that honors the earth, the community, and our people. Using environmentally-sustainable and traditional practices, growing herbs and vegetables, produce eggs and raise local pork and chicken.

Located on a 160 acre farm on Highway 212, Wóyute Wašté Akhíptaŋ is based on the sound principles of conserving natural resources, limiting the carbon footprint to grow, procure and eat locally grown and prepared foods.