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Our Story

Yellow Gate Farm is a small farm, about 260 acres, in beautiful Buchanan, Michigan. My husband, Jason Rehmel, is third generation farmer of the land. I lived in town when we met and he still decided to married me in 2009. In 2015, after my Mother-in-Law passed away, Jason and I moved our three boys to the farm to live permanently. At the farm we have cows, goats, cats, dogs, and laying chickens year round. We also raise pigs, turkeys, and chickens for the county fair in August.

I have taken over the daily operations, while I finish my MSW at Andrews University this summer. I have not started pursuing a career just yet, I felt that I needed to slow down and concentrate on my family, our home, and the farm for the time being. The farm and family, in itself, is a full time job. Jason, on the other hand, takes care of anything I need him to. From “honey-do’s”, heavy lifting, maintenance, and of course farming. We work hard to make the farm safe and sustainable for us and the animals.

Our laying chickens are free to roam the indoor enclosure until we can secure the large outside area with netting and fencing. We have half of the enclosure done and it will be finished soon. At that point they will roam in and out as they please. Jason and I believe that chickens are meant to be chickens, not caged up. They should be allowed to scratch at the earth, eat worms, insects, and take a dust bath. Until then, the chickens enjoy the worms that the boys and I find on rainy days. They also love vegetables like pumpkins, tomatoes, etc. that we feed them. In return, the chickens give us a variety of sizes of brown chicken eggs. So I hope you will contact us if you are interested in purchasing the freshest, naturally nutrient full, eggs from our farm.

  • We recycle egg cartons at the farm. If you have any laying around, please bring them. We are always looking for donations!! But there are times that we need to order new egg cartons. So if you get a variety of different egg cartons, that is why.

Just a last note: WE SELDOM USE OUR PHONES FOR INTERNET SO CALLING OR TEXTING IS BEST. In the near future, I will be looking into building a website for the farm.

Thank you!