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Farm fresh eggs from our mixed flock of fifty chickens.  Our girls spend their days living freely on all 5-acres of our property. They graze on green grass in our pasture, enjoy fallen fruit in our orchard, and scratching for berries and bugs in our woodlands. In addition to what they find foraging, they enjoy a diverse daily diet of wholesome organic grains, local produce, and scraps from our kitchen. Well kept, well fed, and flourishing.

Eggs laid in nesting boxes and hand gathered daily. Each carton is unique, though equally nutritious and out of this world tasty.

Extra large Welsh Harlequin duck eggs also available. Perfect for baking!

Please text to place your order for pick-up. 847-66-8079

PS: We recently relocated our homestead and were very conservative extracting honey this year.  Assuming our hives continue to thrive through winter, we’ll have honey available next fall.  Hopefully, in time to debut our website!