Zutz Hen House

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Our Story

A family of 7, we live on a small 3 acre plot which we’ve used as our viable urban farm  since 2015. The land was an empty drawing board when we moved here. I built the barn and fencing, purpose built to manage all types of animals. We added a large separate coop in 2019, which can comfortably manage 150+ hens. We’ve raised all sorts of livestock for FFA shows and for putting food on our own table: lambs, goats, steers and chickens.

Having grown up in a farming family, I love tending to livestock. In 2016 I picked up a rescued rooster and within days had purchased my first seven pullets. Flash forward to today, we now tend to 100+ beautiful hens (and counting) and one magnanimous rooster named Fred.  The flock sleeps securely at night yet is out at first light every day, free ranging across our pasture and barn pens as they please. We candle each egg to ensure a crack-free product.

Fred and the ladies stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Their health and well being is always our top priority. We take pride in the Zutz Hen House  and the beautiful eggs from our feathered friends.