Create/Edit Farm Tips

We’ve tried to make the process of creating your farm page easy, but we can’t always explain it all in the field instructions. Here are a few more details to help you along the way. You can refer to a completed farm page for ideas too. If you still get stuck, you can always contact us for help.

Contact Info for Customers

  • This will be displayed on your farm page. It may be different than the email you use to login.
  • Email is required, phone number is optional


  • We use this address to provide location based searching.
  • If you do not want to display the exact address of your farm publicly, that is ok. City and State are the only required fields.
  • As you type your address, you will be presented with a dropdown of known addresses from google. For best results, select your address from this list


  • Enter the full url to your farm’s website

Social Links

  • Enter the full url to any relevant social media websites

Upload Photos

  • You can upload as many photos that you like to your farm page.
  • All photos will be displayed in a slideshow at the top of your page.
  • The first photo will be used as your farm profile photo in the search results pages
  • Adjust the order of the images by dragging and dropping
  • Photos should be .jpg or .png
  • Recommended size: 1800px x 1200px (at 72dpi).
  • Landscape (horizontal) photos work better than portrait (vertical)
    • Portrait photos will be cropped to fit a horizontal shape.
    • The cropping will occur from the center out.
    • You have some control over how the cropping appears by adjusting the anchor of the image.
    • Select the image you want to manage, the photo options menu will appear on the right
    • In the right pane, scroll to Image Crop Anchor, and change your selection

    • When you preview your farm page, you will see the difference in alignment. Below are anchors Top, Middle and Bottom
      Top Anchored Image
      Middle Anchored Image

      Bottom Anchored Image

Where your goods are sold

  • Select where your goods are sold from the check boxes.
  • This is used in the farm search filters.
  • For each location selected you will have the opportunity to enter more information below.

Hours of Operation

  • Select the days and hours that your farm is open for customers if applicable


  • Select the products you sell from the main list
  • You can add other products in the Other Products field
    • Start typing to see if your other product is already exist on the list
    • If your other product comes up, select it from the list
    • If it is not the list yet, just type the complete name and hit return to add it

Additional Information

  • This is the bulk of your farm listing.
  • Use this space to share more info about your farm – the types of products you offer, your style of farming, the breeds of animals you raise, your history, and more
  • Feel free to update this content as often as you like