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Why Choose Local

Have you heard of the locavore movement? More and more people are starting to take charge of where their food comes from and how it is raised.  They do this for many reasons: They are concerned about protecting the environment; they want fresh, nutritious foods; they want to support their local economies and protect small, family-run farms; or they want to develop a personal connection to thier food production.  More and more consumers want to know about animal welfare, nutrition, and what food safety measures are used in raising their food. There are many excellent reasons to buy locally sourced foods. Whatever interest leads you to consider local foods, there are many benefits.

Support small farms. Small, family-run farms are an important foundation for communities, creating a self-sufficient, wholesome environment. They maintain biodiversity in our food supply, and in many cases, small farms are actually more efficient in the amount of food production per acre than large farms.

Assist your local economy. Supporting your local farmers means that the money and resources farmers produce is used to grow the local community. It becomes a firm foundation for building a healthy community.

Create a personal connection with your food producers. When the number of small family farms began to decline, people began to feel distanced from the process of food production. Your local farmers are part of a fascinating, history-rich industry! Developing a relationship with your local producers will let you truly understand the wonderful world of agriculture, and maybe even the intriguing personalities of your local hens! Gain firsthand knowledge of the food safety and animal welfare policies of your local producers. 

Enjoy your foods at the peak of freshness and nutritional value. Local farmers are often able to get food from the farm to your table within 24 hours. Freshness enhances the nutritional value of your food as well as the flavor. You won’t believe how thick and rich a farm fresh egg can be. Enhance the nutritional value of your foods with premium meat and produce. Organic, pasture-raised and omega-3 eggs contain a wealth of nutrients, vitamins and minerals!