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At The Blueberry Field, we sell fresh organic blueberries by the gallon. The berries are picked, washed, bagged ready to use or freeze when purchased. Our blueberry season usually starts the first week of June and goes through mid-July.  We do sell frozen blueberries during the off-season while quantities last. All sales are by appointment, so call ahead to ensure we have what you want and that we will be home.

We have several varieties of high bush blueberries growing here in the Blueberry Field. Planting these selected varieties together gives us a greater yield and many larger berries as well as extends the picking season by several weeks. Our berries will naturally vary in size depending on variety and all varieties planted in our field was chosen for excellent flavor and freezing qualities. We have been growing blueberries for about 14+ years. We started with just a few bushes and have added to the field over the years. We now have well over 100 blueberry bushes. It takes 6 years for a high bush blueberry to mature. We do not spray our blueberries bushes with pesticides and have planted disease-resistant varieties. We are happy to be able to offer locally grown quality blueberries as a healthy option for our friends and neighbors. We hope to make the transition into a U-Pick operation in the future but for now, we pick all the berries and sell them by the gallon.

Here at the Blueberry Field Farm, we have recently added some cute and highly functional henhouses and a nice variety of Hens to provide a colorful display of farm fresh eggs.  Our Flock includes Americana, Black Stars, ISA Brown, Salmon Faverolles, Golden Laced Wyandotte, and Buff Orpingtons.

We’ve added the Heritage breed birds not only for their great foraging skills but they carry the genetic lineage to resist disease and parasites, withstand weather and produce over a long lifespan. Faverolles, one of our heritage birds, is a rare triple purpose chicken that originated in France and lay a slightly tinted egg. We decided to add Faverolles to our flock for several reasons, with one being that they are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Threatened status list.  Our Golden Laced Wyandotte’s is on the recovery of extinction and our Buff Orpington, a gentle and beautiful motherly hen that loves cuddles and hugs, have only just recently graduated from the Livestock Conservancy’s priority endangered list.

So, even though we are just a small farm with a small backyard flock, we feel it important to do our part in protecting heritage and rare chicken breeds.  We love our chickens and enjoy the beauty and charm they bring to the Blueberry Field.

Blueberry Field offers high-quality farm fresh eggs. Our eggs vary in color and size due to the diversity of our flock.  If you’ve tasted the difference between farm fresh eggs and store bought you will not want to go back to store bought. If given the opportunity, we hope you will choose to support your local community and take the time to buy some farm fresh eggs and produce. Treat your family to the best in nutrition and taste.

Blueberry Field is located in Cherry Fork, Ohio.