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Our Story

We are a small family owned and operated farm.  Our goal is to provide farm fresh eggs and produce straight from the farmer.

Our hens(the girls) have unlimited access to the outdoors.  They can take dirt baths, scratch for bugs and roam around all day long.  We have a variety of breeds from the common sex link and leg horn to the not so common silver laced wyondotte, partridge cochin, barred rock and more.  There are three roosters that keep watch over the flock.  They make a high pitch call to the girls when they find a meal to share, another specific call to run for cover when they see a danger above, and they break up arguments the girls may have.  At night the girls put themselves to bed and settle in to sleep.  Frequently one rooster will stay with the girls until everyone is safely tucked in for the night.

The girls are fed unlimited Non-GMO locally grown feed.

Our eggs  come in a variety of colors and sizes from the typical brown and white to varying shads of blue, green and olive.  The eggs range in size from small to 30% larger than Jumbo! Young chickens lay smaller eggs at first.  Our eggs are ungraded and your dozen will include a variety of both sizes and colors.

Once a week we will deliver your fresh eggs to your door.  We will work out the specifics with you regarding your home delivery.