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Our Story

At Hilby Family Farm, we take pride in taking the best care of our animals and allowing our children to grow up on a farm! Joey and Becca got married in 2015 and began their chicken flock shortly after. In the last few years, we began raising steers. Located in beautiful Southwest Wisconsin, we’re not far from Dubuque, IA, Galena, IL, and Platteville, WI.

We have a beautiful flock of free range chickens that produce a rainbow of eggs for sale!

We also have purebred Brown Swiss beef for sale! The perfect blend of leanness and marbling. They are naturally raised; they are vaccinated, but receive no hormones or implants.

Feel free to contact us to purchase eggs or get on our list for purchasing beef! We have 1/4’s, 1/2’s or whole steers available for purchase! ($2.5/lb plus processing) We are also able to sell by the cut, if you would prefer that over a quarter!