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We are a family veteran owned and operated farm.

Our farm in 40 acres, we grow vegetables on 7 acres and pasture goats, rabbits, and chickens all year long. We farm following organic practices and incorporate good soil building techniques. We never use hormones, pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals on any of our plants or animals. Our pest controls are crop rotation, companion planting, good soil health, mulch, coop rotation, and hand weeding.

What We Do: Grow fresh fruits and vegetables using sustainable natural organic methods. Work hard to improve the soil and protect the environment. Offer our produce at our road side produce stand. Please contact us for current crop availability as they vary from season. Year round we have free-range chicken and duck eggs, we also sell rabbits and goats. Please call for availability.
Free-range chickens get to live the proper chicken life. These birds are out in a rotation pasture that is a movable fence to keep them safe from predators, with a seasonal rotating coop they can choose to wander in to lay, and all the grass, bugs, and whatever all they can scrounge up and scratch up to eat.
Pastured Goat is a natural, low fat, high protein meat. Outside of the U.S. it is more widely eaten than beef. Our goats are mixtures of Boer, Kiko, and various milk breeds. Normally harvested between 35 and 70lbs live weight, the meat is tender and delicious.

Visit us at Chamout, NY winter farmers Market Sunday 9-2pm